General Dentistry

Survey of the state of the patient, treatment plan

X-ray (Radioscopy), focal localization

Periodontal treatment


Conservative dentistry

Light-curing filling material

Dentine pin

Root canal therapy

Root canal filling

Temporary filling

Porcelain inlay

Composite inlay



Tartar removal (with ultrasonic or manual appliance)

Treatment of mucous membrane diseases

Clinical dental neck-sensitivity treatment

Oral surgery

Teeth removal


Esthetic treatments

Dental bleaching

Whitening after root canal therapy (in case of need the grayish teeth will be whitened one by one)

Placing tooth jewels

Tooth cleaning (with intraoral sand-blasting)



Porcelain fused to metal or fixed partial denture (FPD)

Porcelain crown “metal-free” (jacket crown)

Porcelain crown fused to zircon frame

Glass fiber-reinforced bridge

Temporary crowns

Full removable denture

Fine invisible anchorage for removable replacement

Inlay anchorage completion


Children’s dentistry

Sealing of pit and fissure

Prevention, oral care advice

Milk-tooth (primary tooth) filling

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